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3 Hours SUNSET Bosphorus Boat Trip

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We will take our guests from theirhotels with our shuttle car and proceed to ourboat, which will show you around accompanied by our guide.GalataTower, erected with its magnificent Majesty, willgreet us by taking off from Eminönü, passing under the galata Bridge, continuing along the European side.

Our guide will introduce you to thehistorical places and beauties of Istanbul Strait in English during the tour After a little progress, the dolma Garden Palace will appear in all its glory and you will be one of the few people who can take an incredible view of this structure from the sea.

Then we will see çırağan Palace, where Ottoman architecture is effective in beauty equivalent to Dolmabahçe Palace.

After that, we will pass by the Ortakoymosque, which looks like it is in the middle of the sea, and pass under the Bosphorus bridge (the first Bosphorus Bridge).

We will see Egyptian Consulate, yachts, cafes and parks After that, we will pass near the Rumeli fortress and follow thefatih sultan Mehmet bridge, (the secondBosphorus Bridge), which is an incredible moment, we will start the journey between 2 collars, about 2 minutes later we will find ourselves on the Asian continent in an instant.

After that, our speed will increase alittle because​ the Strait of Istanbul constantly flows from the Black Sea tothe Mediterranean Sea.

Even this current flows in the opposite directionat the bottom of the sea, that is, theseawater at the bottom of the sea flowsfrom the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea in the Strait of Istanbul. We’ll see a castle on our left again. This fortress, which we see directly opposite the Rumeli fortress, is the Anatolian fortress.

​After the Anatolian fortress, we will encounter k​ucuksu Kasri we will feel the historical texture and experiences of kuleli Military High School and continue. then we will say goodbye to the last Palace of the tour,the beyle​rbeyi Palace, which we passed near.

After a little silence, we will encounter the Üsküdar region and the historical Kızkulesi, which represents Istanbul in many films, and take great photos. After that, we will see freighters that can reach incredibly large sizes, and if we are lucky, dolphins that follow them.

As we slowly come to the end of 3 hours, we will see the Topkapi Palace with the Sarayburnu region, and immediately
after that, when we start our tour, we will go under the galata Bridge, which we passed under, and reach the port that we will connect. Here, our services that will take you to your hotels will be waiting for you.

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